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The territory of sales «the WATER WORLD» — boats and yachts, the parking, rent, sale.

The territory of sales «the Water World» professionally is engaged in selection and sale of boats and yachts. We love boats, water equipment and all that with it is connected, yacht boat, boats, motor ships the ships landing-stages, all that stays afloat and can somehow to be steered the person. We long time are ill it, and we are proud of the profession.

Buying or selling the vessel at us you can be sure for 100% that nobody will deceive you. Swindlers and dishonourable people in our business we meet often but if you do everything officially and intelligently, without trying to save on that on what it is possible to save only to the detriment of itself, anything and nobody will prevent you will plunge into this remarkable water world, to derive great happiness and pleasure from rest on water. We know as as it is necessary to make for optimization of expenses on purchase or sale of powerboat equipment. We work officially and strictly in the presence of all documents, necessary for safety of the transaction. We cooperate with regulators on supervision in the sphere of river transport, service companies and the largest yacht-clubs of Moscow and Moscow area. We watch many years a situation in the market of water equipment.

At any time are ready to share the experience with you, to help to get or sell the vessel at its real cost, without intermediaries and excess margins for air and mood. In our territory we prepared everything at all seasons of the year to check and estimate the vessel of any type and the size, to provide the inexpensive parking and high-quality service. Our reputation, tranquillity and loyalty of our clients is expensive to us. Want to buy or sell the boat – Come to us!

Yours faithfully, «the WATER WORLD»

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