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International Moscow Yacht port

the only port in the water area of the Moscow region, capable to accept vessels up to 150 meters long. The port is the largest technical base on service of courts where there are all opportunities completely to check and estimate the vessel of any type and the size, to provide high-quality service and repair, the inexpensive parking.

More than 10 000 quarter of the parking areas on the land; Warm shed; MRP Yacht-club — on 200 parking places on water, not inferior the level of equipment to the European yacht ports;

more than 20 official dealers on sale and service of yachts and boats, the yacht equipment are based on the territory;

5 licensed service centers;

15 specialized service companies;

the territory of sales «The water world» — sale of motor yachts and boats
on water and the land;

track for small size vessels;

yacht crane with a loading capacity of 160 tons;
the round-the-clock fuelling station on water;

green space of rest;

‘Parokhod’ restaurant.

The international Moscow Yacht Port by right is considered the oldest branch enterprise
on the water area of Moscow Canal. Today this dynamically developing enterprise,
offering high-quality service to the clients and partners.




The international Moscow Yacht port invites to work. Work with high-class clients in the large company, excellent collective, worthy з / the item.

Coastal sailor.

Experience is desirable.
Duties: mooring of yachts and boats; descent, lifting yachts and boats; repair, maintenance of piers as it should be.

Conditions: Schedule of work: 5/2, 2/2. Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

The company guarantees: Registration under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation; Stable payment of a salary; Possibility of career and professional development

The office is in SAO (The Moscow Region Dolgoprudny). Journey from: m Savelovskaya‚ m of Altufyevo, m. River station

Address: Dolgoprudny Yakov Gunin St. of 1

Record on interview  +7 (495) 408-21-90 or hr@mrport.ru

«Территория профессионалов» - так часто говорят про Международный Московский Яхтенный Порт,
который после переоборудования стал лидером по количеству и качеству
предоставляемых услуг.

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